Today I’m thinking about… ‘good’ video game movies.

June 16, 2010 § 10 Comments

There’s an interesting phenomena that comes about when trying to make the transition from film to video game. I like to call it ‘crapification’. It is when the film industry attempts to cash in on the flourishing and extremely lucrative gaming industry by trying to squeeze a video game release into the gap between post-production and cinematic release. That’s a possible 6 months to make a game when it usually takes years to churn out something even remotely worthy of play.

These games are then overtly marketed to the kind of people who aren’t even sure why people play video games in the first place.


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Today I’m thinking about…why things are ‘so gay’.

June 3, 2010 § 6 Comments

Etymology is a little passion of mine. I once had a Media and Law teacher who always started classes with little quips about where certain words came from and how they came to mean what they do today. Like the word ‘sycophant’  which is derived from ‘sykophantes’, meaning a “tale-teller about figs”. Yes, figs. As it was illegal from the 6th century to export food (apart from olives) from Athenian territory, naturally people tried to smuggle figs over the border. They risked life and limb for a small sweet fruit that really doesn’t taste like much of anything and has a texture not unlike eating baby flesh with sandy grit. These fig-smugglers would suck up to authorities, bribing them so they could peddle squishy womb-like fruit to foreigners.

Like 6th Century crack

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